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Senator Cassidy Visits Luling Clinic

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Access Health Louisiana (AHL) welcomed Dr. Bill Cassidy-United States Senator for Louisiana, Matthew Jewell- St. Charles Parish President and city council members recently to its community health center in Luling.  AHL is a Federally Qualified Health Center responsible for providing primary and behavioral health care for more than 50,000 Louisiana residents in twelve Louisiana parishes.

St. Charles Community Health Center in Luling has been serving the people of St. Charles Parish for nearly two decades. It is the largest clinic location within the AHL network of community health centers. The site is home to the AHL Pharmacy, Dental, Cardiology, Podiatry, and Nephrology, including Primary and Behavioral Health services for adults and children.

As a former medical doctor in Louisiana, Senator Bill Cassidy is familiar with the need for quality, affordable and convenient healthcare for those who are uninsured, as well as low-income families. In fact, he is the co-founder of the Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic, a clinic providing free dental and health care to the working uninsured.

On Friday, March 25th, Senator Cassidy met Mark Keiser, AHL President and CEO, to get a closer look and understanding of the work being done by the AHL network to champion Louisiana healthcare for all. While touring the facility with Keiser and his team, Senator Cassidy praised the work being done by the non-profit organization.  He recognized that AHL is not only doing an excellent job at taking care of patients through preventive care, but also helping lower overall healthcare costs. “We can lower the cost of healthcare if we decrease the burden of disease.”

During the visit, Senator Cassidy delivered an engaging and personable speech to the audience of community health workers. He discussed his commitment to bringing equity into Louisiana’s healthcare, education and a higher quality of life by working as an advocate for organizations like Access Health Louisiana.

Senator Cassidy continued the discussion of obtaining a higher quality of life for all Louisiana residents as he recognized the walkway connecting Luling Elementary to the St. Charles Community Health Center.  Luling Elementary students access health services during the school day at the neighboring community health center including primary care, behavioral health and even dental services.

“We can decrease the burden of disease by having a walkway where a little kid with asthma can walk across to a community health center like this and instead of going to the ER and is hospitalized,” said Cassidy. “ He can be treated early and can return to school.  And the burden of his disease is less at this point in his life and his burden of disease is not only less at this point, but he has a better education.  And education strongly correlates with better health outcomes and he has a better health later in life.”