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Community Medicine

Community Medicine consists of three components:  Policy, Practice and most importantly People.

Community Medicine is important because it has the unique ability to influence the discipline of medicine by tailoring care to the needs of the people within a certain geographic region.  Using evidence-based methods consistent with current national and international standards, Community Medicine focuses on issues such as Social Determinants of Health, Health Equity, Health Disparities and Health Literacy linking the community back to the clinic.  Those dedicated to the work and mission of Community Health work to expand the footprint of public health within the neighborhoods where they practice.  

“Community Medicine specialists, on the other hand, are designated to handle research in the health needs of communities, plan and administer research for changing the needs of their respective community, city, province and/or nation”
-Hossain A. Ronaghy MD, MPH

Doc Griggs partners with the following organizations to enhance the community’s knowledge of healthcare in southeast Louisiana:  Xavier University, FOX 8 News, STEMNOLA, Access Health Louisiana and the New Orleans Health Department.