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Community Health Education on WVUE-TV FOX 8:

Doc Griggs is helping patients throughout Southeast Louisiana better understand their health. Every Thursday on WVUE-TV FOX 8, he explains a new relevant health topic to the community.  Sometimes, he even has a young child assist him with his demonstrations on set.  Those topics range from controlling diabetes, managing hypertension or even COVID-19 symptoms and treatments. Griggs takes evidence-based health standards and turns the information into knowledge that everyone of every age can understand. His health education segments are helping the community improve their overall health, but also their quality of life.

New Animated Video explains how COVID vaccines work in your body:

Access Health Louisiana infectious disease physician Dr. MarkAlain Dery and Community Medicine Director Doc Griggs have launched an animated video series that helps people better understand infectious disease concepts such as vaccines and clinical trials, and information on specific diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis C, COVID-19 and MPox. In episode one, Dr. Dery and Doc Griggs journey through the human body to explain how mRNA vaccines stimulate the immune system to fight COVID-19.  Both Dery and Griggs hope the animated videos will help the public feel more comfortable about getting vaccinated.  “Using animation to explain immunizations seemed like the perfect direction for me and Doc Griggs,” said Dr. Dery.  “We have a long history of using humor and stories to explain dense medical concepts.  Whimsical animations rooted in scientific data is the next step in our mission to reduce vaccine hesitancy.”

At the end of 2020, Dr. Dery and Doc Griggs began working with Gigantic Fantastic, an educational production company, to begin conceptualizing the videos. In January 2021, they teamed up with FableVision Studios, a multi-media production company specializing in positive storytelling and interactive technologies, for support with design, scriptwriting, designing storyboards and full animation production.

Doc Griggs emphasizes the need for more diversity in medicine.  “Hopefully these videos spark the interest of students of color to explore STEM when they see a black doctor on screen. The impact of these videos can be tremendous not only in promoting vaccinations, but also empowering younger generations to study medicine and public health.”

New Animation Explains the Importance of Wound Care:

View more animations on their YouTube Channel.

Dery and Griggs produce their own podcast called “NoiseFilter”. You can listen in on Spotify or view more videos through their YouTube channel.


Healthy Living with Doc Griggs

Doc Griggs discusses healthy living habits on Fox 8 News. See a clip below of Doc Griggs discussing the health benefits of having indoor house plants.

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