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Get checked. Get fit. Get moving.

Get Checked.  Get Fit.  Get Moving.

In today’s age of increasing information and decreasing amounts of time, it is imperative that healthcare professionals, their colleagues and most importantly, their patients speak the same language with clear and mutual understanding of issues relating to health, healthcare delivery and management. Over the course of decades, healthcare professionals have become increasingly disconnected from the people they serve, creating a health literacy divide that continues to expand. Using evidenced-based “Get Checked. Get Fit. Get Moving!®” methodology and multimodal methods of communication, Doc Griggs works to bridge that divide. Through hands-on lessons in communication and experiential regular multimedia opportunities (TV, radio,and print), combined with ground-level community engagement and events, Doc Griggs is helping to better improve the lives of families in southeast Louisiana.  Through partnerships with the New Orleans Health Department, the Louisiana Department of Health, Access Health Louisiana and Xavier University College of Pharmacy, he’s helping people to take charge of their health and get moving.

Community Action Plan:

“Get Checked. Get Fit. Get Moving!® Words we live by, the framework provides us order and simplicity in a complex and evolving world,” says Access Health Louisiana’s Community Medicine Director Doc Griggs.  “We’re partnering up with other members of our community to bring a plan to you. A plan to check your health (Get Checked), eat tasty & healthy foods (Get Fit), and have fun while exercising (Get Moving!®)”