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Public Health Millage Passes in St. Charles Parish

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St. Charles Parish residents voted in favor of renewing a 10-year property tax to continue support public health unit facilities.  When the polls closed on November 6th, the public health millage passed with 66.8% of voters in favor of the renewal.  Public Health Units, like the St. Charles Community Health Center, contribute to the overall quality of life of the communities they serve.  Those contributions include:  immunizations for children & adolescents, communicable disease control, reproductive healthcare, chronic care management and increase life expectancy.  The impact contributes to St. Charles’ consistent performance as one of the healthiest and most productive parishes in the state.  Residents will continue paying around 50-cents a month to ensure that public health services remain in place in St. Charles Parish.  A portion of revenues from this millage supports six State of Louisiana sanitarians, who are housed in our facilities.  Sanitarians enforce laws, rules and regulations for maintaining and promoting community hygiene at restaurants, public facilities and more.  The tax renewal takes effect in the year 2020 and ends in 2029.