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AHL is On the AIR talking COVID-19

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The Access Health Louisiana COVID-19 Task Force is on the AIRWAVES….

Listen to the latest podcasts and see the latest videos featuring our infectious disease physician Dr. MarkAlain Dery and Community Medicine Director Doc Griggs as they talk about COVID-19.  Find out the latest information about the spread of the virus, how to protect your family at home and when to seek treatment.

Featured News Story:

As schools across the nation prepare to re-open their doors, many are worried it will cause a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases.  Click here to read what Dr. Dery told a reporter with VICE about school re-opening plans.

Click here to read how some leading infectious disease physicians are giving wrong information to the public.  Dr. Dery and his colleagues share their thoughts in The Lens.

Click here to watch Dr. Dery on FOX 8 News New Orleans July 9, 2020 talking about the importance of wearing a mask to lower the city’s resurging COVID numbers.

Click here to watch Dr. Dery discuss how to stay healthy as cities re-open, as well as the risks of people not wearing masks and gathering in “pods” of family and friends.

George Floyd Protests & COVID-19:

Recent protests nationwide surrounding the death of George Floyd have physicians around the world worried that the massive gatherings may cause new COVID-19 clusters to surface.  Click here to read Dr. Dery’s interview with NOLA.com about increased risks as people exercise their freedom of speech in the streets of New Orleans.

Why Hospitals are Cutting Nurses to Save Money & the Potential Impact on Future COVID-19 Patients

Despite the threat of COVID-19 worldwide, the healthcare heroes relied on to save lives on the frontlines, are now being furloughed by hospitals.  Nurses are starting to lose their jobs due to hospitals losing money as people fear seeking treatment for other illnesses.  The low intake of new patients to hospitals is forcing some, even in New Orleans, to look at cost-cutting mechanisms which include reducing staff.  Click here to read Dr. Dery’s interview with VICE.com on how cutting nursing staff could impact another wave of COVID-19 patients.

Phase One Re-Opening & How it Could Impact Our COVID-19 Cases Locally

Dr. Dery Talks COVID-19:

Dr. Dery answers questions from the community regarding COVID-19.  Watch what he tells Kenner TV reporters about the new disease.

Click here to listen to Dr. Dery on the Ring of Fire Radio Show with Sam Seder talking about why New Orleans is a new hot spot for the coronavirus.

Click here to listen to Dr. Dery on the NORLI (New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute) podcast talking about coronaviruses, the impact of COVID-19 on the current healthcare infrastructure in the United States and why we need to flatten the curve.

Click here to listen to a Podcast:  Dr. Dery talks with Ed Fallon from the Fallon Forum in Des Moines, Iowa about COVID-19.

Watch this video featuring Dr. Dery talking about COVID-19 from a social justice standpoint.

Watch this video talking about the impact of COVID-19 on New Orleans’ music industry in our historic city.

Dr. MarkAlain Dery and Doc Griggs talk about COVID-19 during a panel discussion with Mount Hermon Baptist Church.

Click here to listen to Dr. Dery on “The Scoot Show” on 105.3FM (listen in at 14:17)

Click here to listen to “Behind the Lens Podcast with Charles Maldonado” (listen in at 20:05)

Click here to listen to “The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow” (listen in at 20:20)

St. Charles Herald Guide:

The St. Charles Community Health Center was featured in the Herald Guide for its COVID-19 response.  Click here to view the article.

Destrehan High School Robotics Team makes face shields for Access Health Louisiana’s Healthcare Heroes.  Click here to view the article.


Click here to view an article on how Healthcare workers are managing work and family life amid the COVID-19 crisis.  Access Health Louisiana employees are featured in the article.

Doc Griggs offers Guidance for families:

Access Health Louisiana’s Community Medical Director Doc Griggs keeps our community informed about health-related issues.  You may recognize him from WVUE-TV FOX 8 News.  Click here to view his message regarding how families should prepare for COVID-19.

WVUE-TV Fox 8 News:  Doc Griggs shares insight on the novel coronavirus.  Click here to view.

WVUE-TV Fox 8 News:  Doc Griggs talks COVID-19 Concerns.  Click here to view video.

Kenner TV Public Access Channel Coverage:

Access Health Louisiana’s Outreach Representative Margarita Tillman explains what novel coronavirus is, how it impacts you and how to protect your family.  See her latest interview on Kenner TV’s Public Access Channel.

Access Health Louisiana Employees cheer on their fellow Healthcare Workers battling the COVID-19 Crisis:

Physician’s Assistant Christine McDaniel and Nurse Care Manager Peggy Barrios offer some words of encouragement to their fellow healthcare workers.  See their spirited message by clicking here.