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AHL Pharmacy is now open and delivering scripts to all patients- no matter where they live.The pharmacy is open to all patients and all scripts.

None AHL specialist scripts can also be filled at our pharmacy also.

The scripts can be faxed ( (985) 785-5827) to the pharmacy or electronically prescribed.

Pharmacy FAQ:

What: Access Health Louisiana Pharmacy

Where: Luling clinic (843 Milling Avenue, Luling, LA 70070)- if you walk through the main door the pharmacy is on the right side

When: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

For Who? EVERYONE! AHL Patients, AHL Staff, non-patients… everyone in the community is welcome! All insurances, including discount prices for uninsured.

Michael Simmons, Pharm.D.

Michael Simmons is a 19-year resident of St. Charles Parish. A graduate of Xavier University’s Pharmacy School, Simmons started his career as a pharmacy technician with Eckerd Drugs. Upon graduating from Xavier, he transitioned to the role of Pharmacist and continued working with Eckerd Drugs for several years. St. Charles Parish residents may best remember his familiar face from working as the Pharmacy Manager at the Walgreens in Boutte. “It is important to me that I work in the parish that I call home because I am invested in my community,” says Simmons. Simmons says that based on his experience working with a large chain drugstore for two decades, in-house pharmacies like the one at Access Health Louisiana (AHL) can often better assist patients and meet their healthcare needs. “An in-house pharmacy will benefit AHL patients because we will have direct access to their doctors and medical records since everything is within the same network. As part of the patient’s care team, I will share information with their Primary Care Physician to help find the best treatment for each patient that meets their financial and medical needs. This will require a more personal involvement in patient’s care on my part.” Simmons and his team can also assist patients in other ways such as saving patients money. “If patients have a hard to find medication or their medication is out of their budget, I will call their doctor for a temporary or permanent alternative. I can also search for financial solutions such as manufacturer coupons. We can also contact local organizations such as the Council on Aging to provide financial assistance for qualifying patients and their medications.” Simmons says that he is excited to be the newest member of the AHL team and looks forward to continuing the organization’s mission of improving the health of the people we serve. “I look forward to being able to take the initiative and create a personal relationship with my patients.”

Chantel Trahan Certified Pharmacy Technician

Ms. Trahan is excited to be a member of Access Health Louisiana’s (AHL) Pharmacy team.  She is Certified by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.  As a long-time resident of St. Charles Parish, Trahen has worked for a decade with Walgreens in Boutte.  She is excited to continue serving her home town community by joining the AHL team.

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