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LGBTQ+ Health Care



    Access Health Louisiana is dedicated to providing the best health care and a safe environment to all of our patients regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We recognize that the LGBTQ+ community has historically been underserved, and we strive to provide competent, compassionate, and individualized care to all of our patients in the LGBTQ+ community.

The RAINBOW© Model was developed by Access Health Louisiana’s Dr. Jonathan Chandler. This model was developed as a framework for everyone, especially healthcare providers, to become a multicultural advocate. Dr. Jon Chandler believes this can be accomplished by examining your own stigmas and privileges. Using the R.A.I.N.B.O.W. as an acronym, each letter represents a category in which a person can be stigmatized and/or privileged. Only by going through the process of learning about, accepting, and finally owning your privileges (and stigmas,) may you seek to change them.

Race: ethnicity, culture, skin tone.

Age: generational influences.

Inherent: & acquired Disorders, Disabilities & Diseases.

Nationality: indigenous heritage, legal status.

Beliefs: systems, religious, spiritual, political.

Orientation: Dr. CHANDLER’s Complete Sexuality Identity Chart©.

Work and Wages: education, income & career level.

After owning and working to change your stigmas and privileges, you are ready to discover your patient’s RAINBOW©, then, compare it to yours. Discover Your RAINBOW© today!